When Mini Kin first opened, baby skincare was one of the first areas with which we prided ourselves. Apart from being a huge necessity, it complimented our children's haircutting service perfectly. We also considered 'mum to be' and new mums.

Before Mini Kin, it was almost impossible to find suitable skincare for babies prone to eczema, cradle cap etc. Short of the supermarket brands and the one well known (not very gentle) brand at the time, if your baby had sensitive skin, you normally ended up paying your doctor a visit in order to deal with those irritating rashes, cradle cap, and even nits.

The market has changed since then, and a handful of manufacturers now recognise the effects of central heating, pollution, harsh chemicals etc. on your child's skin. They recognise the need for baby products that are gentle, effective cleansers and moisturisers.

We have fine tuned the extensive range we carry, and now offer lovely natural baby soft ranges like Burt's Bee's, with it's fabulous scent, and ingredients so pure you can practically eat them, (although we would not recommend this!), and of course the ever popular Earth Friendly Baby & Love Boo.

For expectant as well as new mums, there are fantastic natural anti stretch remedies, aching leg relief creams and relaxing bath soaks. Not only perfect for personal use, but perfect gifts too.